NEMRT courses are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, based upon the Pre-Registration forms we recieve. Typically our courses quickly fill to capacity. Once a class has reached its capacity of students, "Stand-By" lists are created.

Students on stand-by lists may not attend ouor programs. All students mush first be confirmed by our Registrar's office. After receiving confirmation, students may attend the training program, where they complete an actual registration form. Comfirmation and stand-by lists are distributed weekly by the Registrar.

Please keep in mind that courses fill quickly. Pre-register your students early!


When we receive a cancellation, students are moved for the stand-by list to fill the vacancy. We then notify your training officer that the student has been moved from stand-by and confirmed to attend the program.

Occasionally, training officers fail to notify us that an officer will be unable to attend. When this occurs, students on the stand-by list are denied an opportunity to attend the training they need.

To avoid this situation, pleae contact the Registrar's Office as soon as possible regarding schedule conflicts and cancellations. With this information, we are able to move officers from stand-by lists and into the course roster. This increases both the number officers receiving training and the overall effectivesness of your training dollars.

NEMRT now distributes letters to each chief, sheriff, or director when their officers fail to attend the training programs for which they have pre-registered.

Please note in the Course Description section the statements about cancellation deadlines and billing for each class. Usually, the dealine is 7 days prior to the state of the course unless otherwise noted.

ADA Accommodation

If your student is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please notify Deputy Director of Operations at 630-896-8860 ext. 103 to establish reasonable accommodations.


If you have questions regarding confirmations or stand-by policies, please contact our Registrar at 630-896-8860 ext. 112.

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