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The Part-Time Basic Law Enforcement Academy is a 9 month, 560 hour acadmeny consisting of both online and classroom training. The classroom portion is conducted two weekends a month and attendance is required by all recruits. We cannot accept civilians, auxiliary, non-sworn officers, sworn officers hired for full-time status, or officers who have previously successfully passed the full-time academy. No officer may enroll for this training on his/her own. Enrollment must come through the employing agency.

Requirements for attending the Part-Time Basic Law Enforcement Acadmey are as followed:

Registration for the current Part-Time Academy is now open. Click here for: Part-Time Academy Enrollment Paperwork

The next part-time basic law enforcement academy will begin on March 11, 2023. Enrollment / acceptance of registration documents will not be accepted until December 12, 2022. Enrollments will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. All paperwork must be completed with the exception of the medical waiver in order for you to secure your recruit’s spot. All paperwork can be scanned / emailed to me at The Form E needs to be filled out through LEDI and a copy should be downloaded and emailed to me along with the rest of the documents. Per ILETSB rules, registration closes on February 25, 2023 (Two weeks prior to the start of the academy) or when class is full. **Paperwork will ONLY be accepted via scan/email—do not fax enrollment forms**

The POWER Test will be held at Crestwood Wellness And Recreation Center on the following dates:

The Training Board is in the process of revamping the Basic and Part-Time Academy. We'll update our web-site when we are made aware of the new structure and when another class can be scheduled.

***Tuition will be $1,700 per officer.***

Basic Part-Time Law Enforcement Officer Training In accordance with Public Act 89-170, all part-time police officers in the state of Illinois are required to successfully complete a Basic Part-Time Law Enforcement Officer Training Course. The tuition shown above is eligible for reimbursement through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.