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NEMRT SPRING23 Catalog will be available to Member Departments on Thursday, January 19th at 0800. Non-Member access will be given on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023.

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Address: 355 Smoke Tree Plaza

North Aurora, IL 60542

Phone: 630-896-8860

Fax: 630-229-0206

Name Job Function Email Phone Ext
Joe Schweihs Director 110
April Morris Deputy Director 104
Andy Nelson Handles Handout Materials 109
Lisa Seeman Handles Membership and Billing 105
Josh Fiorillo Handles all IT tasks 106
Marty Schaefer In-Service Course Review and Certification 120
Melinda Ray Catalog Class Sceduling and Instructor Contracts 112
Michael Schoenfeld Field Rep and MEGGITT Scheduling 119
Michele Bou-Sliman Handles Specialized In-House Training 118
Alex Mas Handles all Instructor Applications 107
Simon Aniello Handles all Mandate In-House Course Development 115
Terri Hancock Class Registration and Processing 102
Elsy Hernandez Administrative Assistant 100
Bill Collins Handles the Part-Time Academy 108